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As I write this I have just got home from today’s event that I wanted to share.

Today I had the privilege to go back to visit my old university, Bournemouth University, for a conference of final year students to share their dissertation ideas that are due in just two months time. It lasted all day so I had the opportunity to hear all of the students ideas, and give them feedback and potential directions to go in. I was in their position this time last year. The dissertation deadline was looming, a graduate project in full swing and new units drawing closer. It was a daunting time. So I tried to think back to what I would have liked to hear a year back.

The main reason for me going was to take part in a keynote alumni panel. I talked about life after uni and what i’ve been up to, aswell as some words of advice for the future. I recorded the whole talk which I hope to post over the coming week or so. I spoke about time. And how whilst it should be valued for we have a limited amount of time, we should also be aware that most of us will have a long time of the planet to achieve what we want to. Lots can change in just a year. 

I’ve never been much of a public speaker so for me to do this was a big deal. But it was fantastic, and it went really well. It was made worthwhile when a student came up to me afterwards to have a chat and get some advice about his clothing brand hes started.

It was a really positive day. They all had amazing ideas and I hope I managed to shed some light onto a life after uni and onto their up and coming projects.