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Well I said to myself i’d post on here once a week. Here we are 8 days after my last post, but hey, I did say I was taking my new years resolutions with a pinch of salt!

Bit of a random one today but hear me out. I always used to be an evening shower-er. I would finish the day with a half asleep shower before flopping into bed. Then after one too many days at work with hair that looked like I had just been electrocuted, I decided to get up earlier and shower then. To this day I still do. Starting the day afresh is a lovely thing.

But. The morning shower is a rush. After pressing that snooze button one (or three) too many times makes them turn into the quickest possible. It can be a stressful start to the day having to get dry, dressed and fed before I get out the door. 

And for this reason I came across a wonderful idea. A post work/ mid afternoon shower. But why? Well I have 3 main justifications.

Refreshes me for an evening of work

In the joyous life of an aspiring entrepreneur your work day doesn’t usually finish at 5pm. In fact I think the work I do post 5pm is probably the most important. When all the other offices are shut I can really spend the time on social media, writing blog posts, re-doing my pitchdeck for Harbourside or just generally getting some of the boring admin-ey bits done! My post work shower refreshes me and takes alot of the stress from the day away, allowing me to be a hell of a lot more productive for the rest of the evening. 

Allows me to reflect on the day that’s been

In a world where we’re all stuck to social media, our emails or at work, it can be hard to find time to really reflect on whats gone on that day. What went well? What went badly? What do I still need to do? and perhaps most importantly, what can wait till tomorrow? This reflection time really helps me prioritise what I need to work on that evening. 

I have some bloody good ideas in the shower

Lastly, I seem to have a lot of new ideas for projects, blog posts, social media campaigns or the pitch deck for Harbourside when i’m in the shower. This blog post even came into my mind whilst undertaking my Wednesday afternoon shower. Hence the new category of shower thoughts! Doing so in the afternoon allows me to action these ideas or at least make some notes, rather than in the morning when i’m rushing too much or in the evening when it’s too late to start anything.

I hope I managed to explain my idea slightly. Trust me, try it!